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Thankful Dogs

If you haven't already figured it out for yourself, AgBiomers love dogs! This holds true for a few lucky pups who found their forever homes with some of our employees. Starting with the smallest in size is Bean, a chihuahua adopted from a local shelter by Robin and her family. Bean is a tiny dog in a big dog's body. She is very playful and loves making new friends at the office. She has also been a favorite doggie model for many a sweater knitted or crocheted by particpants in the AgBiome knitting club. She gets along with everyone, except squirrels, and gets very excited for Fido Fridays. 

 Bean enjoying some quality time at the office making new friends.


Bean enjoys playing with her human siblings at home and with her doggie friend Izzy. Izzy is a pit bull and lab mix that was found wandering the streets in Lexington, NC. She was brought in by the AgBiome employee that found her and introduced to everyone. Izzy was quickly adopted by Robin and Bean followed soon after. Izzy enjoys going for runs with her owner, but is more of a 5K kind of dog, and snuggling up with her family at home. This duo is very thankful for their new care taker. 


Izzy playing with a chew toy. 


Howler.jpgOur last featured, and recently adopted dog, is Howler. Like Izzy, he was found by a couple of AgBiomers after being spotted running around the building. At first he was skiddish, but once we were able to catch him, he quickly acclimated to the indoors and being around people. He was taken home by Sarah and his sweet personality won her over quickly. Howler loves snuggles, food, getting into the bath tub while his owner takes a bath, digging deep holes in the yard, chewing on sticks, and playing with his fur-brother, Nugget. He dislikes sharing his food, getting an actual bath outside, and getting told "no".

Bean, Izzy, and Holwer are three pups very thankful to be a part of the AgBiome furry family and they hope you had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. 





                Howler snuggling up to his owner. 



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