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PYO Durham Visits AgBiome


Last month AgBiome was visited by a group of students from PYO, Durham. During their time here, they were given an introduction into the type of work we do, the culture of our company, and meet some of the people that make it all possible. We were thrilled to host our second group of students this year for a visit to learn about all the awesome careers you can pursue in Biotech. Partners for Youth Opportunity is always looking for organizations and businesses like AgBiome that open their doors to their youth.

They use job site visits like ours to introduce students to all the various types of careers available in the Triangle, but to also show them how big of a world it is out there and that there are many avenues to success.

In addition to being an intro to what could potentially be an internship site for some students, during these tours students learn the skills, courses and experience needed to work in these dynamic fields. They also get an opportunity to network with professionals that may turn out to be mentors, references or even colleagues to them someday. If you’re interested in learning more or volunteering please visit -


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