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New Green Thumb

I have never been one to have a “green thumb” with my garden at home. Usually, I hope for a good mix of sun and rain, that my flowers will live, and I get a few tomatoes and peppers out of the garden for a salad. Maybe some salsa. As for my lawn, I thought the brown patches that plagued our lawn in the summer were due to heat or drought. We also learned to navigate around the rough dirt patches near the driveway and just thought it was because of bad drainage. I never considered putting a product down until I started at AgBiome.
Lawn2019 (1)2
2019 yard - Dirt and brown patch         2020 - All green!


After hearing all of the great disease fighting strengths of Howler, I was excited to give it a try. This spring, Howler Lawn and Garden fungicide was approved in North Carolina and I jumped at the chance to order it when it was available. Seeing the packaging that we designed show up on my doorstep was exciting and fulfilling. I immediately brought the box to our garage and read the directions. As a relative newbie to lawn care, I made sure to read the instructions and label carefully. We luckily had a clean sprayer just waiting to be used!

Mixing was simple - add the product, add water, and shake! Great arm workout too 😀

Since our lawn is pretty small, it wasn’t too long before I had finished. I used the remaining amount on our flowering bushes and 3 raised bed gardens in the backyard.

Then I was this going to help my yard?

I wound up getting more to apply to the lawn (2 more total) and after a few weeks, I started to notice some great results. The parts of the lawn that used to get brown were still green, even in August! And the dirt patch had given way to grass growing! I even had a neighbor come up to me and ask me what I did to our lawn that made it so bright green.

I was really impressed by how well Howler Lawn and Garden worked and how it helped my lawn. From a total newbie point of view, I realize now how important disease control is to keep your yard and garden healthy. As the season starts to change again, I am already thinking about what to plant in the spring...and as we think about sodding our backyard, I think I’ll need more Howler!

Note - I work at AgBiome and this was not a scientific study.

Howler® Lawn and Garden fungicide can be used on fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, and lawns, making it ideal for a consumer looking for an all-around effective product in plant disease control. It is OMRI listed and registered in 42 states, with additional states coming soon. You can order Howler Lawn and Garden through the website


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