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Earth Day 2022

At AgBiome, we’re passionate about the planet. Our team strives to create innovative solutions for today’s agricultural challenges which ultimately help producers feed the world responsibly. As a company that values sustainability and caring for the planet, today is one of our favorite days of the year. To celebrate Earth Day 2022, several of our team members with environmental science backgrounds have shared how they discovered their affection for the environment and what this day means to them.

Call of the Wild

On a summer backpacking and canoe trip in high school, Nicholas Dove uncovered his fascination with nature and environmental science. Never before had he spent so many days outdoors, surrounded by nature, and when he returned to school in the fall he could not stop thinking about his experience. 

It was during this school year that Dove realized he could turn his enthusiasm for the environment into a career. He became interested in ecology and environmental sciences which ultimately led to his career as a microbial ecologist at AgBiome.

“Throughout the years, I became more and more interested in microbes and how they underpin many ecosystem processes,” said Dove. “I have a great appreciation for how the microbial world impacts ecosystems.”


Sustainability in Action

With a background in environmental policy and sustainable development, AgBiome greenhouse technician, Robin Dale, values working for a company which puts the planet first. 

“Working in agriculture, especially at AgBiome, goes hand-in-hand with the fundamental principle of sustainable development -  meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs,” said Dale.

She values knowing that her work at AgBiome partners with the microbial world to improve the environment.


For the Love of Earth

Head of regulatory at AgBiome, Katie Holmes, has always known she has a passion for the environment. Throughout her life she has found immense joy in nature and wanted to “save the planet” in whatever way she could. With her love for nature, Earth Day has been an important celebration in her life for years.

“I still remember my first big Earth Day celebration in 1986 in Boston,” said Holmes. “I felt like I was with my people.”

In her position at AgBiome, Holmes provides the EPA with the data they need to ensure the company’s products can be used responsibly. It brings her joy to know her work provides farmers with the tools they need to feed the world while putting human and environmental health first.

“In case you’re wondering, you will find me planting some trees in celebration of Earth Day 2022,” said Holmes.

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