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AgBiome Volunteers with Seeds

On June 23rd, AgBiome was sweating it out at the community garden. Seeds is a non-profit organization with a 2 acre urban garden in the city of Durham, NC. Students that visit Seeds can harvest produce and bring it into the kitchen classroom where leaders teach them to respect life, the earth, and each other through growing, sharing, and cooking food.


Our group of eight volunteers was able to rip through a ton of work around the property after a mandatory singing of the Seeds garden song. While several AgBiome volunteers cleaned up around the perimeter of the property by knocking back large brush with weed whackers, the other half of the team weeded around fruit and vegetables to make room for new additions and watered greenhouse plants.


Pulled weeds were put into compost piles or given to the chickens to scour for worms and insects. By the end of our work shift, we had put in over 24 hours of labor.


Seeds was founded in 1994 and was established at its current location because of its proximity to local homeless shelters. Since its inception, it has transformed into a multipurpose demonstration garden that supports the Durham farmers’ market, after school programs, and the Latino community. To learn more about Seeds, or to volunteer, please visit their website at

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