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AgBiome Innovations Adds Lektivar 40SC to Growing Product Portfolio

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 Research Triangle Park, NC (March 7, 2019) -- Today, AgBiome Innovations, the commercial arm of AgBiome™, introduced Lektivar™ 40SC, a novel fungicide (fluazinam) that provides superior control of foliar and soil-borne diseases to include white mold, southern blight, downy mildew, early blight, and many others.

“We are excited to have Lektivar 40SC in our portfolio,” Ted Piatt, Sales Director at AgBiome Innovations says, “With low use rates, flexible application methods, long residual and quick rainfastness, it is an excellent choice for a variety of crops such as lettuce, onions, peanuts, potatoes, cucurbits, and many more.”

Lektivar 40SC employs multiple modes of action to control diseases, with virtually no known resistance.

“AgBiome Innovations' rapidly broadening portfolio continues to offer new solutions for crop protection.” Toni Bucci, COO of AgBiome Innovations says, “Our upcoming launches will ensure that farmers have the tools they need for effective crop management.”

For more information and availability by state, contact an AgBiome Innovations representative, or visit

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