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AgBiome and Genective collaborate to create novel insect-resistant crops

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. and PARISJuly 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading agricultural research firm AgBiome, and Genective, key developer of biotech crops, today announce a strategic partnership to accelerate the discovery of new generations of insect control traits.

"Growers need new traits for insect control to counter the realities of advancing insect resistance. We are pleased to partner with Genective, aligning AgBiome's unique insect control technology with Genective's capability in developing transgenic traits," said Eric Ward, co-chief executive officer at AgBiome.

Genective's CEO Bruce Lee commented, "Our success in developing corn traits, combined with AgBiome's unique pipeline for identifying a vast number of new candidate trait genes, will offer the seed industry a potential range of novel and critically needed products."

AgBiome and Genective share the vision that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) constitute an important means to face future challenges in agriculture. The exact terms and rights granted to each partner are not being disclosed.

About AgBiome:
AgBiome, an agriculture research and discovery company based in Research Triangle Park, collects, isolates, analyzes and tests microbes with its proprietary Genesis discovery and development platform, for use in agriculture as biological products and as sources of genes for traits. AgBiome engages with multiple partnerships to gain access to seed and crop protection markets for its unique products, helping growers worldwide and building long term value.

About Genective:
Genective is a technology Joint Venture of two leading global seed companies, the French Groupe Limagrain and the German KWS Group, having its principal office in Paris, France. Genective was established by Limagrain and KWS to collaborate in the field of research, development and marketing of transgenic traits, initially for maize and, potentially at a further stage for other crops.

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