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Visionary agreement established between ANASAC® and AgBiome

Partnership to offer expanded crop protection solutions to farmers in Central America, South America and the Caribbean

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., Dec. 22, 2022 – ANASAC®, a highly specialized Chilean company with a strong regional presence in Latin America and more than 70 years of experience in the production and commercialization of agricultural solutions, has reached a Development and Registration Agreement with AgBiome, a U.S.-based agricultural biotechnology innovator. AgBiome develops novel and necessary biological crop protection products to improve sustainable food production.     

This marketing agreement allows ANASAC® to develop, register and commercialize AgBiome’s Howler® fungicide product in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and the Dominican Republic, with a focus on protecting export crops such as fresh fruits, vegetables and cut flowers.

Howler is an innovative biological fungicide formulated based on Pseudomonas chlororaphis strain AFS009, which harnesses the power of the microbiome to deliver superior control with multiple modes of action, providing a broad spectrum of preventive and lasting control against key plant diseases, both foliar and soil. Howler fungicide is highly effective against diseases such as Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and Botrytis.     

“AgBiome’s Howler fungicide product is becoming a valuable tool for U.S. growers seeking new and effective modes of action to tackle potentially devastating diseases in their high-value fruit and vegetable crops,” said Dr. Natarajan Balachander, Director, Business Development. 

Dr. Toni Bucci, Chief Operating Officer at AgBiome adds, “ANASAC® is a perfect partner to help us get this solution in the hands of more specialty crop growers throughout a region that is paramount to our global fruit and vegetable supply.”

For ANASAC®, this first regional distribution agreement with AgBiome is an important milestone.      

"It allows us to empower our vision and regional strategy today by delivering solutions to the problems of our producers in the region, through the generation of a portfolio of innovative, high-value differentiated products with associated technology and excellent results in the field,” said Osvaldo Farias, ANASAC® Crop Protection LatAm Project Manager.     

As part of its sustainability and innovation policy, ANASAC® has been developing new environmentally friendly solutions, making this alliance an important technological advance for the company and to address environmental, social and productivity challenges facing farmers in the region today.     


ANASAC® started its operations in 1948 as a Chilean company closely linked to the agricultural sector. Today, ANASAC® is a global company based in Chile, with a significant presence throughout Latin America and other regions. ANASAC® has operations in Asia as a result of a Joint Venture in China, where it currently produces inputs for crop protection. In agriculture, we focus on adequately satisfying the new global requirements and challenges, driven by the increase in world demand for food,  greater requirements for food security and the effects of climate change. We work as a priority in research, development and innovation, in new products and services, which allow better results, more safety and less impact on the environment and on people, through highly informed decision-making and supported by state-of-the-art technological tools. For seven decades we have accompanied the growth of our customers, generating value-added solutions in each of the industries in which we participate including Crop Protection, Seeds, Agricultural Mechanization, Veterinary, Lawn & Garden, Environmental Health, Pets and Hygiene & Disinfection. For more information visit: http://www.ANASAC®.com

About AgBiome

AgBiome partners with the microbial world for human benefit. Recognized as a Certified B Corp for upholding high social and environmental standards, AgBiome is committed to enhancing global food production and feeding the world responsibly. AgBiome discovers and develops innovative biological and trait products for crop protection. Our proprietary GENESIS™ discovery platform efficiently captures diverse, unique microbes for multiple industries, including agriculture, human health, and industrial products and processes. For agriculture, we combine our novel microbial collection and data science with validated industry-best assays for insect, disease, herbicide, and nematode control. Through our commercial subsidiaries, AgBiome develops and sells proprietary crop protection solutions.  The first of these, Howler®, launched in 2019, is a revolutionary fungicide for disease control in a broad variety of crops. For more information, visit

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