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Agbiome: 10 years of discovery | celebrating 10 years

Ten years ago two longtime friends and avid cyclists went on a bike ride to talk about an idea. They saw a need. An opportunity to partner with the microbial world to create solutions that benefit humans and their environment.

For the past ten years, AgBiome has been in a continuous journey of discovery. Since the company was founded, we’ve been constantly innovating–challenging ourselves and old technologies to create novel and necessary solutions that enhance global food production, animal health and more.

“We are one of the few biotech companies that have gone all the way from starting a discovery process where we had no intellectual property when we started, to having multiple products in the market and multiple partnerships in multiple industries. That’s pretty profound. Very few companies get to do that,” said Scott Uknes, Co-Founder and Co-CEO.

From the start, there was also the aspiration to build a company whose people always came first. To create a culture where the people doing the work could be fully themselves and where their voices would always be heard. The aspiration to create a real sense of teamwork, where everyone could feel equally committed to the company's mission and purpose and, above all, have fun.



This has been a journey worth traveling. One unifying company culture, fourteen partnerships, two launched products and 100,000+ sequenced microbes later, we know there’s still much to discover.

“We’ve already shown to ourselves, to our customers and to our investors that we are here for the long haul. So I am most excited to continue to execute on all the great ideas that we’ve developed as a team and show the world, and most importantly our growers, that we can really bring them new sustainable tools to help them manage their business and help feed the world responsibly,” said Toni Bucci, Chief Operating Officer.

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