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3Bar Biologics and AgBiome Partner on Promising Microbial Strains

Columbus, OH and Research Triangle Park, NC (May 3, 2022 ) 3Bar Biologics has partnered with AgBiome on innovative, non-spore forming bacterial strains to be evaluated in the LiveMicrobe technology platform.  

Through its GENESIS™ discovery platform, AgBiome has discovered multiple lead strains with encouraging trials showing fungal disease and nematode control against important pests for growers in sub-Saharan Africa. 

“AgBiome has a proprietary microbial discovery engine and has identified over 100 microbial strains that have strong potential as biocontrol agents,” said Dave Ingham, product development lead of AgBiome. “Partnering with 3Bar’s LiveMicrobe system will allow us the ability to extend shelf-life, decrease application rate and improve the economics overall for the grower, opening up the possibility for markets globally.”

“Nearly 80% of what is being discovered - and is most beneficial to the plant - in commercial microbial R&D pipelines are non-spore forming bacteria, yet the majority of what is being commercialized today are spore-formers,” said Bruce Caldwell, CEO of 3Bar Biologics.“While our system works with all types of microbes, the industry is due for a major paradigm shift, and we see AgBiome as a perfect partner in this.”

3Bar’s LiveMicrobe just-in-time fermentation guarantees the most fresh, viable microbes are delivered to the field every time ensuring product consistency and performance. Commercial-ready product formulations can be  developed and manufactured quickly using LiveMicrobe to break free from shelf-life and logistical challenges currently holding back microbe products cost-effectively getting to the farmer.


About 3Bar Biologics

3Bar Biologics is the global leader in customized delivery technologies for living microbe products. Delivering on their promise of stable, viable, fresh and pure microbe products for commercial agriculture, 3Bar partners with innovative companies to formulate the highest quality and most cost-effective microbe solutions. For more information, visit

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